scrub and rub set-relax

scrub and rub set-relax

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This set will make your skin silky soft with an amazing healthy glow. Make every day a mellow one!
Let go of stress and tension with a peaceful sense of grounding that our relax scent provides. Our blend of clary sage, and grapefruit will supply the calm to keep you cool.

our 9oz scrub is made with pink himalayan salt which
· turns over your circulation more than any other salt
· keeps cellulite away
· relieves sore tired muscles

our incredibly moisturizing 2 oz avocado and mango body butter
. heals and regenerates skin
. moisturizes even the toughest of dry skin issues like eczema, rashes and psoriasis
. natural SPF of 8
. improves the tone of your skin

all natural, paraben free, gluten free, nut free... all the good stuff none of the bad.