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relax is a combination of clary sage, one of the most powerfully relaxing essential oils on our big, beautiful, blue planet, and uplifting white grapefruit - which helps you to mellow out without actually passing out! handy in stressful situations (which we recommend avoiding as much as possible!) a yummy way to wash away the day as you transition into peaceful nighttime play. more info
for a dose of serious pep, reach for rejuvenate. an immediate rush to the senses, our blend of lemongrass, lavender and litsea (a delicious chinese citrus), is a super surge of sunshine in a bottle. apply and go rock your day like the superstar you are. more info
our uplift energy shifting spray is a feel-good scent of pink and white grapefruit with a hint of warming vanilla perfect for a quick mood boost, an aromatic hug or an instant exhaled "ahhhh...". more info
revitalize made of geranium and lavender not only keeps you going when you're tapped out of energy reserves, it frees your mind of the day's clutter, leaving you clear, calm and ready to roll. more info
ever dreamt of a magic elixir that picks you up when you're dragging and mellows you when you're buzzing? consider balance, our blend of bergamot, orange and chamomile, your wish granted. more info
empower is a powerful blend of earthy, warming herbs (plus peppermint!) that enliven and awaken your spirit, kicking you into high gear. more info
you can't help falling in love with our arouse scent. made from a blend of organic cocoa butter, clove, cinnamon and fresh ginger , it arouses your senses and stimulates your soul. great for soothing sore muscles, increasing circulation and stirring up sensuality. more info
unwind is an ultra-mellow scent both in aroma and in it's ability to chill you out! lightly earthy with a hint of sweetness this blend of cedarwood, benzoin, and vanilla is vibe of a mood lamp captured. more info
feel the warmth of the season with one sniff of our holiday scent joy. it's fresh, green aroma of juniper berry and sage transports you to the feeling of snuggling up with a warm blanket by the fire. each joy purchase is also a gift to all of the women cancer patient's getting free support by helen's room. more info

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our body butter is densely packed with only avocado and mango butter. we do not dilute our butters with water or whipping or use any fillers or toxic anything. a little goes a long way to moisturize, regenerate, heal and protect your skin. our butters soften and soothe even the hardest to treat dry skin conditions including rashes, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, burns, sunburns (you won't even peel!), callouses, dry cuticles, cracked feet and so much more. great for hair taming and conditioning and for eye cream. one jar.. head to toe mellowing. our creamy body butter is like nothing you have ever used before.

what makes it mellow?
we use the natural power of essential oils to create our custom crafted aromatherapy blends that transform your mood and support your every need. our pure avocado-mango butter is known for it’s unmatched ability to nourish and heal. moisturizing with our body butter is mood-changing, physically and emotionally supportive, and leaves you with incredibly soft, silky skin.
warm butter in hands and massage into your skin. while a little goes a long way (because we don't use any fillers or emulsifiers), use more for dry or irritated areas. reapply throughout the day as needed, and feel the magic work its wonders.

reapply often and say… hellomellow.
pure ingredients:
avocado butter, mango butter, and essential oils of the scent of your choice and... love.