• preggo body scrub 9oz

    preggo body scrub 9oz

  • refresh and relieve tired swollen muscles, overstretched itchy skin, and sluggish circulation. our pink himalayan and dead sea salts scrub does it all, while our blend of lavender and geranium revitalizes you and keeps you going. mommys-to-be need extra nurturing and care. our scrub does it all... cleanses, smoothes and moisturizes, all while the delicious smelling blend supports your well-being. directions: scrub in small circles all over your body, or apply with exfoliating gloves for a deeper treatment. scrub away and say… hellomellow. 9 oz of pure mellow
  • preggo i can’t see my feet soak - 2 shot size

    preggo i can’t see my feet soak - 2 shot size

  • soak your feet in our pink himalayan bath salts for a divine experience that relives your tired swollen feet, lifts your mood and leaves you with incredibly soft, silky skin. directions: sprinkle in to a warm tub or bowl, get comfy, dip your feet in and soak away the stress of the day. also great to use as a hand soak for swelling hands. go ahead, sigh and say… hellomellow.
  • no itch stretch mark butter

    no itch stretch mark butter

  • keep dry itchy skin and stretch marks away with our ultra moisturizing avocado-mango butter and keep mommy mellow with this aromatherapy infused wonder butter.