• uplift

    our UPLIFT energy shifting spray is a feel-good scent of pink and white grapefruit with a hint of warming vanilla perfect for a quick mood boost, an aromatic hug or an instant exhaled "ahhhh...".

    essential oil therapeutic properties
    • cleansing, clearing
    • mentally enlivening
    • physically uplifting
    • reduces muscle aches and stiffness
    • lessens fluid retention and cellulite
    • sweet
    • relaxing
    • comforting

  • relax

    RELAX is a combination of clary sage, one of the most powerfully relaxing essential oils on our big, beautiful, blue planet, and uplifting white grapefruit – which helps you to mellow out without actually passing out!handy in stressful situations (which we recommend avoiding as much as possible!) a yummy way to wash away the day as you transition into peaceful nighttime play.

    relax essential oil therapeutic properties:
    clary sage
    • powerful muscle relaxant
    • reduces stress, tension, & fatigue
    • tones the skin
    • eases migraines
    • improves digestive problems (massage on stomach)

    • diuretic
    • detoxifying, & stimulating to lymphatic system:
    • alleviates muscle aches and stiffness
    • aids elimination of daily build up of toxins
    • uplifts,
    • anti-depressant
    • curtails s.a.d. (seasonal affect disorder)
    • reduces fluid retention and cellulite

  • rejuvenate

    for a dose of serious pep, reach for REJUVENATE. an immediate rush to the senses, our blend of lemongrass, lavender and litsea (a delicious chinese citrus), is a super surge of sunshine in a bottle. apply and go rock your day like the superstar you are.

    essential oil therapeutic properties:
    • diminishes jet lag
    • eases bruises, sprains, and sore muscles
    • combats mental fatigue and lack of concentration
    • eases stress related conditions
    • relieves headaches, nervous exhaustion, tension, irritability, & anxiety

    • harmonizes, calms, and soothes nervous system
    • reduces muscle pain
    • relieves headaches
    • balances emotions

    • anti-depressant
    • antiseptic

  • revitalize

    REVITALIZE made of geranium and lavender not only keeps you going when you're tapped out of energy reserves, it frees your mind of the day's clutter, leaving you clear, calm and ready to roll.

    essential oil therapeutic properties
    • uplifts and balances emotions
    • reduces stress and nervous tension
    • promotes speedy healing for both very dry
    and very oily skin including eczema, psoriasis,
    mature skin, burns, acne
    • eases p.m.s. and relieves fluid retention
    • also: can be used to repel insects!

    • soothes the nervous system
    • alleviates headaches
    • relieves muscle soreness & pain after exercise
    • eases restless sleep and/or the inability to sleep

  • balance

    ever dreamt of a magic elixir that picks you up when you're dragging and mellows you when you're buzzing? consider BALANCE, our blend of bergamot, orange and chamomile, your wish granted.

    balance essential oil therapeutic properties:
    • effective anti-depressant and anti-anxiety
    • powerfully balances mental & psychological instability
    • daily use regulates tension, anxiety, and depression
    • balances oily skin & acne
    • cooling when feverish

    • alleviates insomnia
    • anti-depressant
    • anti-spasmodic
    • regenerative, refreshing, warming & uplifting

    • relieves insomnia
    • calms your skin & soul
    • reduces dull aches & pains
    • decreases inflammation
    eases menstrual pain & menopausal problems

  • empower

    EMPOWER is a powerful blend of earthy, warming herbs (plus peppermint!) that enliven and awaken your spirit, kicking you into high gear.

    empower essential oil therapeutic properties:
    • decongestant, helps clear nasal passages
    • stimulates the brain, supports clear thinking
    • stimulating & warming combating the chilly & "under the weather" feelings that come with colds & flus
    • cooling when feverish

    • very powerful anti-bacterial & anti-viral
    • eases nasal congestion
    • inhibits spreading the cold virus
    • valuable for treating burns
    • reduces pain of muscle aches

    • stimulates central nervous system, assisting overall healing
    • alleviates tired, stiff, or overworked muscles without sedating
    • reduces respiratory problems associated with the common cold, sinusitis, & asthma
    • excellent brain stimulant; enhances mental clarity

    • emotionally & mentally warming & comforting
    • relieves tired, tight, & painful muscles, especially after heavy physical exertion
    • reduces pain & stiffness of inflammation

  • excite your senses with an intoxicating blend of sweetness and spice. clove, cinnamon and fresh ginger fuel your fire and ignite your sensuality.
  • arouse

    you can't help falling in love with our AROUSE scent. made from a blend of organic cocoa butter, clove, cinnamon and fresh ginger , it arouses your senses and stimulates your soul. great for soothing sore muscles, increasing circulation and stirring up sensuality.

    arouse essential oil therapeutic properties
    clove bud
    • soothing
    • pain killer
    • anti spasmodic

    cinnamon leaf
    • warming - increases circulation
    • reduces muscle aches and joint pain
    fresh ginger
    • combats fatigue
    • reduces muscular pain

  • soothe your soul with a calming breath of tranquility. cedar wood, benzoin, and vanilla seduce you into a mellow state of being.
  • unwind

    UNWIND is an ultra-mellow scent both in aroma and in it's ability to chill you out! lightly earthy with a hint of sweetness this blend of cedarwood, benzoin, and vanilla is vibe of a mood lamp captured.

    essential oil therapeutic properties
    • lifts your spirits when sad and lonely, depressed or anxious
    • warming, soothing and stimulating
    • great for soothing chapped and cracked skin and to prevent further cracking

    • toning and stimulating effect on the whole body
    • reduces stress and tension
    • mild astringent for skin
    • soothing, warming
    • comforting

  • spread joy for a truly blissful holiday season. sandalwood and juniper berry warm your soul and delight your senses.
  • a subtle, sexy line of body care products for men who are cool and confident enough to demand the best. a blend lemon verbena, patchouli, benzoin and vitamin e make fellow very mellow.
  • joy

    feel the warmth of the season with one sniff of our holiday scent JOY. it's fresh, green aroma of juniper berry and sage transports you to the feeling of snuggling up with a warm blanket by the fire.
    it will bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with joy knowing that your joy purchase is also a gift to all of the women cancer patient's getting free support by helen's room.
    (a portion of all joy sales go to support helen's room in their commitment to supporting our community.)

    essential oil therapeutic properties
    • juniper berry
    • local stimulant makes it a good oil to use in a massage.
    • mellows anxiety, stress, nervous tension, clearing mental clutter and confusion
    • revives exhausted emotions, neutralizing negative emotions and imparting a feeling of emotional cleanliness and purity.
    • aromatic influences: health, love, and peace.
    • clears negative energy from the room (good before meditation) and from others, brings love energy in.

    • aromatic influences: relieves depression, mental fatigue and strain
    • strengthens your vital center
    • soothes skin conditions
    • general stimulant, activating nervous system to get your systems on line and you feeling great.