• body butter

    body butter

  • we cook, blend, stir, whip, cool…repeat our butters until they are the perfect consistency. it takes days to find the perfect balance! not too hard, not too fluffy, never sticky or slimy, ever and always just right.
  • pink himalyan body scrub

    pink himalyan body scrub

  • our body butter scrub smoothes, moisturizes and heals your skin, while cleansing and shifting your energy all in one fell swoop. no need to moisturize after this scrub, it does it all... exfoliates and heals, while leaving you exquisitely soft.
  • body oil

    body oil

  • ready for the most velvety, intensely moisturizing, and outrageously healing experience your skin has ever had? our body oil has our ultimately indulgent body butter right in the mix! it doesn't get any butter.