body butter

body butter

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our creamy body butter heals and protects your skin like nothing you have ever used before.

what makes it mellow?
we use the natural power of essential oils to create our custom crafted aromatherapy blends that transform your mood and support your every need. our pure avocado-mango butter is known for it’s unmatched ability to nourish and heal.

moisturizing with our body butter is mood-changing, physically and emotionally supportive, and leaves you with incredibly soft, silky skin.
warm butter in hands and massage into your skin. while a little goes a long way (because we don't use any fillers or emulsifiers), use more for dry or irritated areas. reapply throughout the day as needed, and feel the magic work its wonders.

reapply often and say… hellomellow.
pure ingredients:
avocado butter, mango butter, and essential oils of juniper berry, sage... and love.