kiddo - goodnight sleep set


Want your kiddo to have a mellow nights sleep? We want that for you too!

No need to worry. our kiddo line is made of baby-friendly all natural ingredients and essential oils. All kiddo products are specially formulated to nurture your little one and to make them (and therefore you!) oh so mellow.

Set includes one of each:
Kiddo Massage Oil 6 oz.
Kiddo Sleepy Time Spray 4 oz.

Replace your watered down moisturizer with our water free ultra nourishing body oil. Use all over the body after the bath or shower to keep their baby soft skin and put some in the tub for mellow bathing. Massage your kiddo’s feet, hands, shoulders, and any achy growing parts to set them up for stress free sleeping.

Spray our sleepy time spray over their faces and on their sheets and pillows and send them off to lala land. Spray the crib or sheets and pillows to set you all up for a good nights sleep.

Great for babies and kiddos of any age. Create a mellow end of the day for all!