deluxe mommy-to-be gift set


Treat the mommy-to-be in your life to all the goodness hellomellow preggo offers in deluxe sizes

4 oz preggo - no itch or stretch mark butter
Our ultra moisturizing no itch or stretch mark butter has become a cult classic, keeping mommies-to-be itch and stretch mark free for decades.

8 oz preggo - body oil
Our proprietary oil/butter blend keeps skin moist and pliable while accomodating growing body parts.

22oz preggo - body scrub
Pink Himalyan scrub increases circulation in tired legs and smoothes skin on growing bellies.

20 oz preggo - "i can't see my feet" soak
Relieve tired, swollen feet in this invigorating soak.

preggo - boobie butter
Hellomellow preggo boobie butter soothes and helps heal sore and cracked nipples. You can start using boobie butter before delivery to condition nipples prior to the first latch.

Use it to mellow out dry, itchy skin working hard to accommodate that growing baby. Long-term, frequent use will minimize stretch mark appearance.

Use anywhere paying special attention to belly, hips and boobies and any growing areas to keep mommy-to-be’s skin soft and supple.