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body scrub - rejuvenate


6 total reviews

rejuvenate: awaken your spirit with a powerful burst of energy.

Experience a noticeable reduction in crepiness, and enjoy softer, more radiant skin with every use.

Our hellomellow body scrub stands apart from the rest! Everyone who tries it agrees, saying there's truly nothing like it.

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You found it - body scrub that doesn't leave an oily mess in your shower.

handcrafted since 2007

No water. No fillers. No toxins.

no microplastic beads

no endocrine disruptors

improves skin elasticity

battles crepey skin

food-grade nourishment for your skin

gluten free

nut free

why you need this

Our scrub goes beyond mere cleansing, offering unparalleled nourishment that leaves your skin exceptionally smooth, deeply hydrated, and radiantly glowing.

Unlike typical salt scrubs that leave behind an oily residue on you and your shower floor and hardened product at the bottom of the jar, our formulation blends our beloved avocado and mango body butter for a non-slip, mess-free application.

Embrace a transformation that's both luxurious and practical, leaving no mess, just an unmistakable healthy glow that sets it apart from any other product on the market.

And hellomellow scrub is crafted with food-grade Pink Himalayan sea salts—yes, the same high-quality salts you cherish in your kitchen—ensuring we spare no expense to deliver an unmatched experience.

Say goodbye to shower gunk and hello to your most radiant self, with no mess left behind!


pink Himalayan sea salt, pacific sea salt, sesame oil, olive oil, avocado butter, mango butter, sodium bicarbonate, dendritic salt, lemongrass essential oil, lavender essential oil, and litsea essential oil, and rosemary olestrin extract (natural preservative). Yup, that's it.

Ways to use

Get Ready:After cleansing, scoop out a generous amount of our luscious body scrub.

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub:Pay special attention to those rough spots—elbows, knees, and heels. Give them some extra love!

All Over Glow:Use it everywhere! Your entire body deserves that silky smooth feeling.

Scalp TLC:Did you know? Our body scrub is also an amazing scalp cleanser. Treat your scalp to a refreshing scrub.

Rinse & Reveal:Rinse off to reveal nourished, velvety skin, thanks to our avocado and mango butters. Plus, no oily mess in the shower!

Indulge in the ultimate self-care experience with hellomellow!

essential oil properties

Lemongrass Essential Oil:

  • Pain Relief: Lemongrass oil is known for its analgesic properties that can help relieve headaches, muscle pain, and joint pain.
  • Antimicrobial and Antifungal: It has strong antimicrobial properties that can help inhibit the growth of bacteria and yeast, making it useful in skin care and household cleaning products.
  • Insect Repellent: Lemongrass oil is commonly used as a natural insect repellent to keep mosquitoes and other pests at bay.

Lavender Essential Oil:

Stress Relief and Anxiety Reduction: Lavender oil is widely used for its calming and relaxing properties, making it effective in alleviating stress and anxiety.

Improves Sleep: It can help improve sleep quality due to its sedative properties, often used in aromatherapy for those with insomnia or sleep disturbances.

Skin Health: Lavender has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help heal minor burns, wounds, and soothe skin irritations.

Litsea Essential Oil:

  • Mood Enhancer: Litsea can be uplifting and energizing, making it useful for treating fatigue and lethargy. It’s often used in aromatherapy to improve mood and increase alertness.
  • Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial: It has properties that help reduce inflammation and fight infections, which can be beneficial for skin care, especially for acne-prone skin.
  • Digestive Health: Litsea oil can be used to help ease digestion and relieve flatulence when diluted and used in massage.
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body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
body scrub - rejuvenate
no endrocrine disruptors
no shea (common allergen)
no sulfates
no phthalates
no synthetic fragrance
no synthetic preservatives
no petroleum
no dyes
no tocopherol (common allergen)

Meet Tracy. Handcrafting all things mellow since 2007.

I created preggo for myself when I was pregnant with Charlie!
I hope you'll love using it to support your own pregnancy.
xo, Tracy

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    100% all natural. No fillers. No water. Just active ingredients.

  • handmade since 2007

    We love what we do. We love who we do it for.


Is the scent strong?

We have handcrafted our scents from therapeutic grade essential oils that are designed to be supportive and subtle, without being overwhelming. 100% natural, never synthetic or chemical.

What does avocado and mango butter smell like?

Not much, really. Avocado butter has a very mild, almost neutral scent, making it an excellent ingredient for skincare products, particularly for those sensitive to strong fragrances. Mango butter, derived from the seed kernel of the mango fruit, has a slight, sweet, and fruity aroma, though it is also quite subtle in scent. What comes through with all our products is the carefully crafted combination of the essential oil blend, not the avocado and mango butter.

is your body oil greasy?

Nope. Our oil absorbs quickly and leaves a light, non-greasy, non-sticky finish.

what does "food-grade" mean?

All our products are non-toxic, and made from the cleanest ingredients. And doesn't that make sense when you consider your skin is absorbing anything you put on it?

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stephanie J.
Long-time devotee!

I have used hellomellow for 7 years and have found that it helps my dry skin. My favorite product has to be the body butter scrub but the energy shifting spray is a close second.

Robbie P.
Presents for everyone

I have used butter, scrub and oil from hellomellow products and never have I been disappointed! I’ve turned friends onto it and they have been extremely impressed with the way the feel, the fragrance and the job they get done. I also have made a few special friends very happy with gifts of hellomellow and then they’ve gone after more themselves! Keep it Up hellomellow.

Lauren P.
Go-to for natural body poducts

I'm an absolute body product snob and these products are unbelievable in every way. They are super amazing feeling and the fact the ingredients are natural makes them top of my list every single time I need something yummy for my skin.

Erika R.

The hellomellow body oils and salt scrubs are divine and I cannot live without them!

Linda R.
"Thank you Tracy"

I love the hellomellow products. The new website is just beautiful. Thank you Tracy for creating something that makes us feel wonderful!