mellow maker

Hi there.  I’m Tracy and I've been a Body Engineer and Wellness Engineer for almost 30 years now.



“Body Engineer?” “Wellness Engineer?” Glad you asked.  Let me fill you in.

Through my work as a healer and massage therapist I realized early on that my practice demanded a more holistic approach. Simply addressing the physiology and fallout of people's hectic and hurried daily lives wasn’t enough to  restore balance. I knew that if I wanted to help my clients feel well, live their best lives and unwind their pain, I would need to provide support, reflection, and guidance—all with lots of love and laughter.

This led me to a search for all-natural, high-quality skin care products that would be in keeping with my wellness philosophy.  To my surprise, this wasn’t as easy as I would have thought.  Everything was loaded with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce and they were far from the quality standard I aspired to bring to my practice.  I decided to do a little research and create what I believe to be the ultimate skincare solution. After all, our skin is our largest organ—we should nourish it everyday!

I was on a mission. Off  I went, sampling a myriad of oils and ingredients to formulate food-based, ultra-healing skincare, with no harsh chemicals or additives. I wanted to create products that feed and nourish the skin.  Products that would not only be part of my hands-on work, but also part of my people’s daily ritual—helping balance their nervous systems and supporting the healing process. Turns out these pure ingredients do double duty, utilizing the healing powers of plant-based oils to support energy, mindset and spirit.  

Session in a bottle! Wow. A way to support as many people as I can? YEEEEESSSSSS!

It fills my heart to no end to be able to be a part of your healing journey.  A part of your daily self-care. To support you in feeling your best. Choose the intention that supports you and remember…

More mellow, not less, in everything you do!