kiddo - sleepy time spray


Our sleepy time spray creates calm and fosters sweet dreams through the natural power of essential oils.

Hand crafted aromatherapy sprays formulated with the natural power of essential oils. Kiddo sleepy time spray is the perfect foundation for your bedtime ritual.

Spray baby/kiddo's sheets and pillows before crawling into bed. You can even give little wrists a fun spritz.

Create a ritual by spraying before a bedtime story to signal it's time to wind down and then after to cue light's out.

energy shifting spray is made from:

distilled water

Distilled water is steam from boiling water that's been cooled and returned to its liquid state. Distilling rids water of impurities. It also removes more than 99.9% of the minerals dissolved in water.

essential oils

bergamot, orange, chamomile


Glycerin is moisturizing which makes it a great quick hydrator for tired skin.

polysorbate 20

Keeps the essential oils mixed evenly. Sounds scary. It's not.


Used as a perservative.

we never use:


These preservatives are potential hormone disruptors and allergy triggers. Not mellow.


These chemicals may slowly build up in your body over long-term use and can irritate to your eyes, skin, mouth, and lungs. For people with sensitive skin, sulfates may also clog pores and cause acne.


No water, no thickeners, no emulsifiers. Every hellomellow product is jam packed with good stuff. Anything else is a waste of space and money.

artificial fragrance

Each intention has it's own mild fragrance courtesy of the essential oils specific to that intention. Never overpowering, never lingering - the intentions are developed to give support the mood shift you're looking for.