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energy shifting spray sampler set

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Something for every mood? Yes please!

Hand-crafted aromatherapy sprays formulated with the natural power of essential oils to transform your mood and to support your mental well-being. Hellomellow energy-shifting sprays are the perfect foundation for any centering rituals. Choose a signature intention or mix and match as you move through different roles and tasks throughout your day.


- create self-care rituals with our sprays
- pick the intention you want to set and spray face, body, rooms, or linens.
- keep one on your desk to keep you mellow when working and one in the car to well, stay mellow
- spray your sheets and pillows before crawling into bed
- great in the bathroom
- naturally clean your yoga mats and flip-flops!


distilled water, essential oils (varies by intention), glycerin, polysorbate 20 (natural emulsifier), k sorbate (natural preservative)

    energy shifting spray sampler set
    energy shifting spray sampler set
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