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    I have been using hellomellow products since their inception. They have always been my main skin care product since then. I live in the Mojave desert and every night before bed I make sure to be fully moisturized by hellomellow body butter. My feet, shoulders, elbows, legs and hands get soothed and protected for another day. I love all the scents and that it's natural. I highly recommend hellomellow to everyone who cares about their skin!

    Mitchell S.

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7 products

Look to nature, not the lab

Our body butter harnesses naturally occurring anti-aging compounds to soften cracked heels, rough elbows and knees, and the dreaded "crepe-y" skin on aging forearms.

Our proprietary blend of avocado and mango butters reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin elasticity, giving you a firmer, more youthful look.

  • hypoallergenic

    Avocado and mango butters are less allergenic than shea butter. For individuals with tree nut allergies, shea butter can sometimes pose a risk because it is derived from the nut of the shea tree.



    Our proprietary blend of avocado and mango butters are particularly soothing for inflamed or sensitive skin conditions, helping to reduce redness and inflammation.

  • anti-aging

    High in vitamins and potent antioxidants, our proprietary avocado and mango butter blend helps protect and rejuvenate the skin, promoting better skin elasticity and overall health.

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What do you mean by "intentions"?

Our products are organized by intentions instead of by smell. Our essential oil blends do add to a pleasant scent for all our products, but they have been specifically curated to evoke sensations known to be enhanced by each of the essential oils.

Can I use hellomellow products if I have sensitive skin?

Many of our customers with sensitive skin have found relief and comfort in our gentle, natural formulations. However, as every skin is unique, we recommend patch testing a small amount of product on an inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility.

What is the shelf life of hellomellow products?

Due to our commitment to natural and preservative-free ingredients, hellomellow products typically have a shelf life of 12- 24 months after opening. We recommend storing products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their efficacy and freshness.


Our scents are thoughtfully crafted to embody the essence of hellomellow—subtly enriching without overwhelming. We believe in the art of subtlety; our fragrances are designed to be pleasantly discernible, offering a sensory experience that enhances your moment of self-care without dominating it. Each scent is a mellow whisper of nature, present enough to delight and uplift but calibrated to ensure it complements, rather than overpowers, your natural essence.

Are your packaging materials eco-friendly?

Absolutely. Sustainability is at the core of our brand. Our packaging is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using recyclable materials and minimizing waste. We continuously seek innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Do you have a guarantee?

We stand behind the quality of our products and want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your hellomellow product, please contact our customer service team within 30 days of purchase to discuss returns or exchanges.

How do I reach you?

Feel free to email us with any questions at hello@hellomellow.com We're here to help!

Why isn't there water in your products?

At hellomellow, we choose not to include water in our formulations for a few key reasons. Water can dilute the potency of active ingredients, requiring the addition of preservatives to prevent microbial growth. By formulating our products without water, we can offer more concentrated, effective formulations that harness the full power of our natural ingredients. This approach aligns with our commitment to purity and efficacy, ensuring that every application delivers real, nourishing benefits to your skin without unnecessary additives.

Why are Avocado butter and Mango Butter the base of your products?

Avocado and Mango Butters are at the heart of hellomellow products for their exceptional skin-nourishing properties. Avocado Butter, rich in vitamins A, E, and D, along with lecithin and potassium, offers deep moisturization, supporting skin's elasticity and overall health. It's particularly revered for its ability to penetrate the skin deeply without leaving a greasy residue, making it an ideal base for our nurturing formulations.

Mango Butter, celebrated for its high fatty acid content, works harmoniously with Avocado Butter to soften, soothe, and moisturize the skin. It's packed with antioxidants and can help protect the skin from environmental stressors, making it a superb choice for everyday skincare.

By blending these two powerhouse ingredients, we create a luxurious, deeply hydrating base that forms the perfect canvas for our intention-based scents and the potent, natural actives that define hellomellow products. This combination ensures that each product not only feels wonderful on the skin but also provides a wealth of benefits, aligning with our commitment to holistic wellness and natural efficacy.