energy shifting spray sampler set

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Something for every mood? Yes please.

Uplift intention is infused with grapefruit and a hint of vanilla to lift your spirit and take you to your happy place.

Rejuvenate intention is infused with lemongrass, lavender, and litsea to combat mental fatigue and recharge your spark.

Revitalize intention is infused with lavender and geranium to melt away stress and keep you going.

Balance intention is infused with bergamot, orange and chamomile to help you find your middle ground.

Relax intention is infused with clary sage and grapefruit to supply the calm you need to keep you cool.

Hand crafted aromatherapy sprays formulated with the natural power of essential oils to transform your mood and to support your mental well-being. Hellomellow energy shifting sprays are the perfect foundation for any centering rituals. Choose a signature intention or mix and match as you move through different roles and tasks throughout your day.

This set comes with one full size 4 oz energy shifting spray in each of the following intentions:


Create self care rituals with our sprays. Pick the intention you want to set and spray face, body, rooms or linens.

Keep one on your desk to keep you mellow when working and one in the car to well, stay mellow. Spray your sheets and pillows before crawling into bed. Great in the bathroom and for naturally cleaning your yoga mats and flip flops!