body scrub - rejuvenate

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rejuvenate: awaken your spirit with a powerful burst of energy.

This unique salt scrub formulation leaves you moisturized without leaving an oily mess in your shower.

Pink Himalayan salt dominates this formulation with just a hint of our oil blend, and mango and avocado butters for smooth application.

Most salt scrubs have an inch of oil rise to the top. Not hellomellow's salt scrub. The result: clean, nourished skin without a film of gunk in your shower.

Pink Himalayan salt relaxes, de-stresses, detoxifies, eases your aches and pains, deep cleans your skin and even provides respiratory relief.

Hellomellow salt scrub buffs away rougness, exfoliating dead skin cells from the top layer of skin so they don't get trapped in your pores.

Give your legs a well-deserved massage and don't forget the back of your arms where pesky bumps can pop up. Exfoliate 2-3 times per week and follow with hellomellow body oil.

Our Favorite Ritual: give legs a scrub before shaving. You'll never feel smoother.

Rejuvenate intention is infused with lemongrass, lavender, and litsea to combat mental fatigue and recharge your spark.