bath salt - relax


relax intention: clary sage & grapefruit set the stage for a soothing retreat

Welcome to the soothing embrace of relax intention, a Himalayan bath salt blend designed to gently ease you into a state of calm serenity. This restorative formula merges the purifying elements of Pink Himalayan Salt with the soothing essences of Clary Sage and Grapefruit.

Immerse yourself in the warmth of your bath and experience the herbaceous, earthy notes of Clary Sage. Known for its calming properties, Clary Sage is a balm for the mind, easing away stress and instilling a sense of tranquil balance.

Complementing this is the zesty, uplifting scent of Grapefruit. Its light, refreshing aroma is a delight to the senses, promoting a sense of lightness and joy. The subtle interplay between Clary Sage and Grapefruit creates an atmosphere of complete relaxation, melting away the cares of the day.

As you soak, the Pink Himalayan Salt works its magic, rich in minerals that cleanse and detoxify the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and rejuvenated. Each element of the relax intention blend is carefully chosen to ensure a harmonious experience, nurturing both body and mind.

Relax intention is more than just a bath—it's a journey to a place of inner peace and rejuvenation. Let it be your sanctuary at the end of a long day, a space where you can unwind, recharge, and emerge feeling refreshed and serenely balanced.

Embrace the essence of tranquility with relax intention. Your haven of calm awaits.


  • Handcrafted in small batches in Idaho
  • Pink Himalayan salt infused with essential oils
  • Relaxing, de-stressing, detoxifying properties
  • Eases aches and pains, deep cleanses skin
  • Provides respiratory relief

Add two tablespoons of our bath salt to your tub and watch as the water transforms into a soothing oasis. The gentle aroma of lavender and eucalyptus envelopes your senses, transporting you to a place of tranquility. Feel the tension melt away as the salt's mineral-rich properties work their magic, leaving your skin feeling soft, nourished, and rejuvenated.