preggo - boobie butter


Those first few weeks of breastfeeding a newborn can be tough.

Hellomellow preggo boobie butter soothes and helps heal sore and cracked nipples.

Ultra-creamy, ultra-moisturizing; hellomellow preggo bobbie butter heals, moisturizes, softens and protects sensitive nipples.

We add intensely healing calendula to our special blend of avocado-mango butter for it’s unmatched ability to nourish, soothe and protect sore and cracked nipples.

Safe for nursing, our food grade, naturally high in vitamins A, B, G and E and natural fats, hellomellow body butter is extra nourishing for dry, chapped or irritated skin. Known for it’s unmatched ability to nourish and heal due to it’s high adsorbability into the body, hellomellow body butter allows the good stuff to penetrate the layers of your skin instead of just laying on top of skin!

Use it to mellow out sore, cracked nipples working overtime to feed your newborn.

Rub on nipples after feeding and after showering. No need to wipe off before feeding. All ingredients are food grade and safe for baby.

Pro-tip: keep hellomellow preggo boobie butter in the refrigerator for additional cooling and soothing.