preggo - no itch and stretch mark body butter


Pregnancy is magical, but it's also itchy, drying, and pulling on your skin.

Formulated to keep stretching skin pliable and minimize tissue damage.

Our ultra moisturizing no itch or stretch mark butter has become a cult classic, keeping mommies-to-be itch and stretch mark free for decades.

Ultra-creamy, ultra-moisturizing; our creamy body butter heals, moisturizes, softens and protects your skin.

Food grade, naturally high in vitamins A, B, G and E and natural fats, hellomellow body butter is extra nourishing for dry, chapped or irritated skin. Known for it’s unmatched ability to nourish and heal due to it’s high adsorbability into the body, hellomellow body butter allows the good stuff to penetrate the layers of your skin instead of just laying on top of skin!

Use it to mellow out dry, itchy skin working hard to accommodate that growing baby. Long-term, frequent use will minimize stretch mark appearance.

Use anywhere paying special attention to belly, hips and boobies and any growing areas to keep mommy-to-be’s skin soft and supple. Layer on after preggo body oil.