Avocado Butter Is NOT Guacamole

Avocado Butter Is NOT Guacamole

... but please still pass the tequila.

You may have noticed that ADVOCADO BUTTER is the first ingredient in our hellomellow oils and body butters and wondered to yourself, “hey, why isn’t it green?”. It’s a reasonable question, considering you may have even come across a recipe for avocado butter on toast and seen it’s a green spread. How the heck do we get the green out? Never fear, there’s no reverse chemical process going on here.

How Avocado Butter Is Made

Avocado butter is manufactured from the fruit of the avocado tree, which normally grows in sub-tropical regions. It does start as the mashed pulp of the avocado, but instead of adding onion, tomato, salt and lime, the avocado mush is laid out to dry. Just before it hardens, the pureed avocado is passed through a sieve to extract the oil. The oil is then hydrogenated and mixed with beeswax. Don’t freak out at the word hydrogenated when it comes to your body care. Hydrogenation is just the process of adding hydrogen to liquid oils to turn them into a solid. The result is a rich, soft, creamy off-white butter with no odor that packs powerful health benefits.

Avocado Butter is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, essential fatty acids, and flavonoid antioxidants all of which are beneficial to your general health, skin and hair. And no matter how many vitamin supplements you take, it just can’t make up for the benefits of getting the real thing – even if you are just putting it on your skin or hair.

Clears Skin

Avocado Butter acts as a natural exfoliant with fancy glutamine amino corrosive that helps purge your skin. It also helps reduce dark marks and lightens skin tones. Grab a tub of hellomellow body scrub and let the himalayan salt and avocado butter work their magic.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Avocado oil contains potassium, lecithin, and numerous different supplements that can support and saturate the skin. Your top layer of skin soaks up these nutrients which helps shape new softer skin. You may even notice fine and lines and wrinkles disappearing as skin gets hydrated.

Prevents Skin Damage And Wrinkles

A study from 2010 shows that the  Polyhydroxylated Fatty Alcohols in  avocados  may help shield your skin from UV damage and irritation. Studies have also shown that both nutrient C and nutrient E in avocados shield your skin from oxidative harm brought about by the sun and environment.

Avocado butter contains cell reinforcements which not only help in shielding your skin from harm, but improve your skin's composition and thickness.

Improves Nail Health

Our hellomellow team loves rubbing body oil or body butter on our nail beds to soften cuticles and strengthen nails. Regular use has been shown to reduce breakage and those pesky snags of dry skin and nails.

Don’t Forget Your Hair

Avocado butter can restore shine and lustre to your hair. Use the oil as a hair mask while you take a bath or take a dab of melted body butter on your hands to smooth frizzies and flyaways.

Soothe An Ouchy

Avocado is naturally rich in vitamins A, D, and E, and unsaturated fatty acids assisting in wound healing, and calming of red, irritated skin.

You can enjoy all these benefits of AVOCADO BUTTER in all intentions of hellomellow body oils and body butters and body scrubs. If you can’t choose (and who could blame you?) grab Tracy’s Intention Of The Month, Rejuvenate.

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