preggo - body oil


Extend that pregnancy glow to your whole body.

Your cheeks may be pink and cheerful, but that stretching belly, thighs (and just about everywhere else ) needs a lot of TLC.

Our proprietary oil/butter blend keeps skin moist and pliable while accomodating your growing body. Your skin will drink up the nourishment.

Because all our ingredients are food grade, you don't have to worry - it's safe for baby. Pared with our preggo no itch and stretch mark body butter, this body oil has been keeping mommies-to-be itch and stretch mark free for decades.

Use it to mellow out dry, itchy skin working hard to accomodate that growing baby. Long-term, frequent use will minimize stretch mark appearance. Maximize benefits by pairing with preggo - body butter.

Use after shower. For extra softnening, try using when skin is still slightly damp or add to your bath. Apply before preggo - body butter.